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10 Great Email Marketing Strategies to Make Money

Author: Derek Gehl
Email marketing is one of the most profitable strategies available to the online entrepreneur (and offline business owners, too).

Consider this: About 99% of your website visitors will leave without buying anything from you on their first visit. But by creating a great opt-in offer you can at least get their contact details -- and then use email marketing to follow up, build relationships, and turn them into paying customers. 

"Email marketing strategy #1: Develop relationships and establish credibility by offering free information" 
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Top Real Estate Tech Tools That Make You Money

MIAMI - FEBRUARY 24:  Real estate agents, Izzy...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
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"Ever felt that you, as a real estate agent, are on “information overload” when it comes to available technology?  Such information overload can lead to “Analysis Paralysis” when it comes to selecting technology that will help your real estate business."

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