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20 Affordable Online Marketing Tips for Your Real Estate Business

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"20 Affordable Online Marketing Tips For Your Real Estate BusinessView more presentations from Nicole Nicolay."Walter Burns, 20 Affordable Online Marketing Tips for Your Real Estate Business, Oct 2009
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  1. Affordable SEO said...

    Here are 3 things you should do to get an edge on your competition and market your services online. Depending on your niche and the method that you take, there will be a small investment involved. This will be time and a little change.

    1. Submit to quality, paid directories: Submit to Yahoo! Directory, JoeAnt and These directories will charge you around $50-$299 per submission. The good point is that the inbound links you get are authority in nature. Successful submissions dramatically improve your website trust and relevance. This is something your spamy competitor will not have the time or resources to duplicate. They will likely take the easy way out and get only SPAM type links.

    2. Get some press going: Send a paid press release to This will get media attention and if your news release is really good, your press will spread. This works kind like national news on TV. You can find the same news on several channels. Leverage that and you can get many inbound links without even paying for them. They are all industry related and point right back to your website.

    3. Be the expert! Do this by staying involved in your niche and its progressive growth. You can do this in blogs, forums, newsletters, and word of mouth in your industry. Avoid self promotion at all cost. You can do this in several ways and still provide yourself with an affordable way of marketing your business. Affordable SEO is a viable on line marketing option for your business.

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